Penn Street Art Bridge on Good Day PA!


The good folks at Good Day PA spent a few minutes with us this week talking about the Penn Street Art Bridge project of the York Time Bank, and being wowed at UpCollective founding member Jimmy Purkey’s ability to create an entire galaxy with spray paint in just a couple of minutes (it’s really something — check out the video!)

20401271_10207518466518842_1253167419_nWe do hope you’ll join us on saturday, rain or shine (fingers crossed for shine) for the official launch of the Penn Street Art Bridge, when Jimmy Purkey and Copper James from the UpCollective will put up the first of many murals during a community block party from 1-7pm.

Their gorgeous design is based on the historic Pennsylvania Dutch Distelfink, rendered with a modern street art flair — pretty much perfect for the combination of history and creative revolution York’s got going on.


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