Just Two Guidelines

The Penn Street Art Bridge is a public art space, which means that after July 29th 2017, everybody is welcome to put up art.

No rules, just two guidelines:

1. Take a picture, it’ll last longer.
It’s natural that the space will look different from one week to the next but when you’re about to put up a new piece over someone else’s artwork, TAKE A PICTURE FIRST and share it, so it lasts. Tag #pennstreetartbridge so it shows up as part of the rolling online gallery.

2. Be cool.
People live here, kids and families walk by here every day, and what you put up and how you do it has an impact on everybody. Remember to take your empty spray cans or stencils, etc with you when you leave. If you’re playing music, keep the volume reasonable. If you’re working after hours, be considerate of people trying to sleep. Think about your subject matter and whether you’d want kids you care about to see it every day. Don’t use the art space as a place to advertise a business*. That kind of thing — it’s pretty simple.

Have fun, and make good art!




*Sponsorship situations can be arranged on a case-by-case basis, and will always require a benefit to the surrounding community. Contact the York Time Bank for more information.