About the Art Bridge

The Penn Street Art Bridge is a self-organizing public art space. Everyone is welcome to paint, at any time!

There are no rules, only two guidelines. The art bridge was established in 2017 by the York Time Bank, transforming a “vandalism issue” into a creative community asset.

The art bridge created a safe space for street artists to share their work with the community while raising awareness about the beauty of graffiti and street art in general.

Search the hashtag #PennStreetArtBridge on Instagram and Facebook and you’ll find all kinds of amazing work by local artists, many of whom are open to mural and commission work.

Similar to Graffiti Alleys in Baltimore, Toronto, San Francisco and other cultural hubs, the Penn Street Art Bridge is constantly changing as new artwork is put up by local and visiting artists.

The art bridge is a footbridge connecting the 200 block of North Penn Street with Gay Avenue, right off Roosevelt Avenue between Philadelphia and Rt 30.